Workshop Report »Campus Neue Musik«

Workshop Report »Campus Neue Musik«

January 6, 2017
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»Campus Neue Musik«,
Documentaries, (work in progress), HD-Video, 6 x approx. 90 min. und 6 x approx. 10 min.

As part of the “Campus Neue Musik” project, the demands, objectives and strategies of cooperative student composition projects are explored. For this purpose, in the years 2018-2020, two student composition projects will be held annually each year in the period from January to April, in which a professional and experienced artistic person working together with a school class and its teacher will work together with about six 90-minute working phases to invent a piece of music and to perform this. The projects are comprehensively documented in the form of interviews with the participants, diary entries and videography (doku|skopiá) of one workshop session and the performance and empirically accompanied according to the principle of reconstructive social research, whereby external evaluators should have their say as well as the pupils and students as well as the project supervisors. (Original text by INMM, translated by doku|skopía)

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Cinematography & Post-production: EDUARD STÜRMER
Production Company: DOKU|SKOPÍA

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